Samuel Caraliu




To say or do… 15+ years experience content marketing & management individual.

top skills and abilities

(On a 1-10 scale, where 10 means strong know-how)


Team management 8, marketing strategy 7, marketing management 6, business & marketing analytics and intelligence 7, direct marketing 8, product and service development 8, marketing research 8, marketing communication 9, budgeting 7, start-up management 8.


Content creation management 9, content strategy 9, content optimization 9, content copyright legislation 9, content analytics and measurements 9, content management 10, new content concepts creation 10, digital content 10.


W3 Standards 7, HTML 10, JavaScript 7, PHP 4, SQL 5, DSL 6, Node 5, Nginx 5, Apache 6, ELK Stack 7, CMSs 10, version control 7, Cloud Services 7, open source 8, latest web technologies 8, and many other.


Baroul București
Lawyer / Advocate
2022 – Present

Digital content copyright and practices
Creativity and copyright social impact
Family and social rights.

Digital Marketeer
April 2011 – Present

Founded the first digital content agency in Romania.
Experience 100+ hi-quality content marketing projects.
Enjoying the benefit of involving into digital creativity.
Head of Content Management
July 2019 – Present
A 4 years challenge of Mediawrite agency.
A start-up alike project that aims to build a content network.

Godmother Advertising Agency
Digital Marketing Consultant
May 2017 – Present

Digital marketing consultant for different brand, projects and companies – advertising strategy, budget distribution, digital channel spending, etc. Operating some critical digital marketing and advertising projects for big brands in Romania.

PLAUT Consulting Romania
Marketing Manager
June 2018 – October 2018

Marketing for business intelligence solution (Qlik in RO / BG), IT & business
consulting services. Digital marketing, direct marketing, website building, etc.

Târgul Cărții
Digital Marketing Manager
September 2016 – May 2018

In charge of all digital marketing related activities within a company that is the
leader on the market. In charge of e Commerce operations. Best
book store in Romania @ GPEC 2017, best eCommerce start-up in Romania
@ GPEC 2017.

Godmother Advertising Agency
Head of Digital Marketing
September 2010 – September 2014

Online/digital marketing for various brands and companies. From strategy to conversion optimization, online media buy, application building with a strong focus on marketing success. Head of digital marketing within the advertising agency.

Social Media Manager
July 2009 – July 2010

Social media strategy
Social media management
Other content related activities

Content Manager
April 2008 – July 2010

Content management inside a web development company, with multiple
projects and with the responsibility both for content development (text/graphic/
video) and publishing. In charge of project management for the development of web
content applications related to data imports, multiple sources of data, various
data formats, and their render/view inside websites.

VS Company Romania
Marketing Manager
January 2007 – October 2008

Marketing and online sales of financial services. I developed an online system
that generates clients for financial services. (Site using free software, and other
management activities). Lead generation, content creation, SEM, SEO, etc.

TBIF Financial Services BV, Romania
Document Manager
January 2007 – January 2008

Critical documents (signed contracts) management within a financial institution at the Headquarter, for cards, credits and other financial services offered by the company.

Banc Post Romania
Document Management Referent
January 2006 – January 2007

Document & archive management within the biggest bank in Romania at that time. In charge of organizing the archive, the allocation of space, the DMS implementation, etc.

Other info

Honors and awards

  • Best Bookstore in Romania
  • Best eCommerce Start-up in Romania
  • Silver Award on video & audio content category
  • Bronze @ Best Use of Mobi Advertising
  • Lawyer by achievement in the court of law award 2022 by Lawyer house Bucharest

Personal initiatives and projects

  • Mediawrite – first digital content agency in Romania
  • Contentpedia – the first blog in .ro on content marketing & digital management
  • DA by Mediawrite – education in the area of ​​copyright and intellectual property in creativity / content
  • – the project of the first content network in the history of the internet
  • TOVP – a revolutionary standard for digital content marketing and communication
  • Una Nouă – a project about a constitution built through user generated content
  • #TheNewNATOTreaty – a project for the content of the new NATO treaty


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